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PATC’s pro shop has something for everyone from young beginners to high level players. Starting with junior racquets at 17″! 
We carry the latest racquets from Wilson, Babolat, Yonex & Head.
All Demos can be trialed on site, just check in with the front desk to sign one out!
Gift Cards are available for purchase at our front desk and can be used towards any pro shop purchase, private lessons or court time*!
(*must be a member to book court time)


Special Services

Stringing Labor Only (Bring your own string) $18

Bumper Guard Installation (Bring your own guard) $10

Grip Build Up (plus materials charge) $10

Rush / Same Day (when available) $10

Overgrip Installation (with purchase of our grips) Free 

Replacement Grip (with purchase of our grips) Free 

Babolat Strings

Synthetic Gut (All Around, Lower Cost)

Universal Syn Gut

Multifilament (Comfort & Playability)


Natural Gut (Ultimate Feel, Comfort, & Power)

VS Touch  

Polyester (Control, Durability, & Spin) 

RPM Blast 
RPM Rough  
RPM Team  
RPM Hurricane 
RPM Soft 

Wilson / Luxilon Strings

Synthetic Gut (All Around, Lower Cost)

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power 

Multifilament (Comfort & Playability)

Wilson Sensation  
Wilson NXT 

Polyester (Control, Durability, & Spin) 

Wilson Revolve Spin 
Luxilon Alu Power   
Luxilon Alu Power Rough 
Luxilon Element 
Luxilon 4G 

Solinco Strings

Polyester (Control, Durability, & Spin

Hyper G  
Hyper G Soft  
Tour Bite 
Tour Bite Soft 

Head Strings

Synthetic Gut (All Around, Lower Cost)

Synthetic Gut 

Multifilament (Comfort & Playability)


Polyester (Control, Durability, & Spin) 

Lynx Touch  
Lynx Tour  
Hawk Touch 

Yonex Strings

Synthetic Gut (All Around, Lower Cost)


Multifilament (Comfort & Playability)


Polyester (Control, Durability, & Spin) 

PolyTour Rev  
PolyTour Strike  
PolyTour Pro  


Q: What services are offered at the PATC Racquet Bar?
A: At the PATC Racquet bar, we offer the following services (pricing varies so check with racquet technician):
            Tennis Racquet Stringing
            Grip Replacement
            Over Grip Application
            Bumper Guard/Grommet Replacement
            Grip Buildup
            Rush Service

Q: What is the general turnaround time for getting a racquet strung?
A: The typical turnaround time for a racquet stringing is 1-2 business days.

Q: How often should I re-string my racquet?
A: At a minimum, the number of times a week a player plays would be the number of times per year they should get their racquet strung (a player who regularly plays twice a week should string their racquet at least twice a year).  For players who are more competitive, restringing more often than that would be important to keep the string tension more consistent when playing, even when they are not breaking strings.

Q: Why do strings break?
A: Strings will break mainly due to the friction caused by the strings rubbing against each other during play.  The more a player hits with spin, the more friction there is when hitting the ball and the more the strings will move while hitting.  This can cause more wear and tear on the strings compared to players who hit flatter (like Coach Nelson).  Playing against players who use lots of spin can also create more friction on your strings when returning their shots.  Over time, this friction along with repetitive impact can cause the string to snap due and break.

Q: I have elbow and shoulder pain, is there a way to string the racquet to reduce the pain?
A: Yes!  Many players can experience pain while playing tennis due to the impact going from the strings to the frame, and frame to the arm.  Some of this impact can be absorbed by stringing with multi-filament strings which can spread out the impact from hitting the ball throughout the string bed and therefore “soften” the impact felt by the arm into the elbow and shoulder.  We have several different multi-filament strings offered by the different brands we carry.

Q: I break strings often, is there a durable string that can keep me on the court longer between stringing?
A: Yes!  One of the biggest advancements in tennis has been in string technology.  Not only are strings softer, but there are also more durable strings.  Polyester (poly) strings have become a very common part of the modern game of tennis due to the amount of spin players hit.  These strings are generally more durable than their synthetic gut counterparts due to the solid core.  Many poly strings also come shaped to help hitters create more topspin.  Poly strings are generally a little stiffer than multi-filament and synthetic gut string so players should start at a lower tension to get used to the string.  Most poly strings are designed to be strung at a lower tension to allow for better ball pocketing which will help players generate more power when hitting.